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TJ & Ashley Duckett

Youth Directors

TJ & Ashley Duckett

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TJ has been a member at Beulah for 10 years and has served as deacon since 2019.  Ashley grew up at Beulah and has been a member for 18 years.  They both count themselves blessed to serve the youth at Beulah.  They are the proud parents of Sam (3 years old) and Charlie (just born in late December 2022).  TJ and Ashley both strongly believe in making an impact on young lives for the gospel of Christ.  "Pre-teen and teenage years are the most formidable in a person's life.  If we can make an impact on their lives for gospel at youth age, and begin teaching sound, spiritual doctrine, they will be more likely to continue in it as they get older.  Our Goal is to help them know God loves them, and He has a purpose for their life.  Then equip them the best we can so they can live out their purpose and impact others for the gospel." 

  February 2023  
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